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“Superb performances and austere direction turn a potential melodrama about a middle-aged aerospace engineer falling for a younger Algerian into a fascinating treatise on kneejerk British attitudes to the complexities of Islam.”


” An overwhelming romance”

” absorbing”

” unfolds with a cool poise”

” McCrory shines”

” Carefully surrenders its secrets whilst maintaining enough notes of ambiguity to leave viewers intrigued about the truth of the matter.”


” A sleekly styled feature debut for award-winning director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz.”


” McCrory and Oudghiri are brilliant – they’ve a good chemistry”


” a thought-provoking political drama … intelligently written, expertly directed debut film from Katarzyna Klimkiewicz.”

” Katarzyna Klimkiewicz’s film slowly transforms from a sensual erotic  romance … into a politically charged drama”

” McCrory’s stunning performance… so human and honest”

” a surprising debut film that greatly defies expectation.”


” a well-executed and engaging thriller which is extremely relevant to the current political climate.” 


“Is there a British actress more underappreciated than Helen McCrory? The actress, who has impressed in everything from The Queen and Dr. Who to Harry Potter, makes a strong case with Flying Blind, the tale of a middle-aged aerospace engineer falling for an Algerian student.

A politically-charged romantic drama? An erotically-charged political drama? Either way, Katarzyna Klimkiewicz’s debut feature is charged with something. And it’s enough to make an impression.

Frankie only cares about her career, but that soon changes when Kahil (Oudghiri) sweeps her off her feet with an out-of-date textbook and a willingness to take his clothes off. Falling head over wind machine with the exotic boy, they do a lot of that. Taking clothes off. But where things could descend into graphic naughtiness, Klimkiewicz keeps things balanced with more than a hint of social debate.

Throughout, McCrory’s presence is absorbing, complemented by the charming Oudghiri. Their chemistry makes the sex scenes seem natural and… produces a provocative little drama that, like its wonderful leading lady, could easily be underappreciated.”


 Huffington Post

“Flying Blind’, its release extraordinarily timed in the light of the tragic events recently occurred in Boston, explores the consequences – social, personal, ethical – when two very different people interact. Helen McCrory is completely convincing as a woman, always carrying the burdens of her own fragile social status and strong moral code, but made weak and doubtful by an unlikely passion. How she juggles, and fails, to contain these competing forces is at the core of the film, and it’s a thought-provoking, unsettling and, tragically, all too timely, viewing experience.


Evening Standard

“Director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz’s British debut combines vulnerability with desperate passion in this atmospheric film


Evening Standard

“… A riveting performance from Helen McCrory…  Oudghiri is excellent too…. A very watchable cameo from Kenneth Cranham… 


Yorkshire Post

“Flying Blind balances intrigue with raw passion…this is a delicious combination of terrorist drama and out-of-control emotional rollercoaster. 

Cine Vue

“…a gripping big-screen tale” Cine Vue


Front Row

“Flying Blind works on so many levels, and once you have recognised that, you start to see how powerful and interesting this film really is.


Front Row

“so emotionally compelling that you feel Frankie’s confusion throughout, as well as Kahil’s alienation. You want them to work so badly, and the stunning finale rips you up so much….It’s a very strong first feature, beautifully shot and intelligently acted. It marks Klimkiewicz as a filmmaker to look out for in the future, and is really worth a watch. 


Empire magazine

“A tough, compelling thriller touching on race, prejudice and contemporary Britain…. Superb performances… 


Dog and Wolf

“Helen McCrory’s performance is astonishing, able to turn from steely determination through a butter-wouldn’t-melt smile to emotional wreck in the blink of a well made-up eye…. As a haunting portrait of love, trust and fear, Polish director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz’s Flying Blind is an easterly breath of fresh air.


Time Out

“…McCrory hits you between the eyes with her screen presence


The Mail On Sunday

“…McCrory burns up the screen with intelligence and sexuality… a star is born


Eye for Film

“…McCrory and Oudghiri are brilliant…


Mark Kermode BBC 5 Live.

” … The performances are … absolutely terrific…



” ….Helen McCrory is superb…..


Daily Express

” …McCrory is a very commanding presence


Hollywood Reporter

“…clear sexual chemistry…


Shadows on The Wall

“… The wonderful Helen McCrory…


The London Film Review

” …McCrory’s triumph… Oudghiri and Cranham give perfectly judged turns

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